Campaign Manager

Position Description
  • Tracking todos with top level campaigns, delegating action items to departments,  and hosting cross department meetings to make sure everyone is coordinated. 

  • Responsible for working with the Marketing department  driving the campaign execution process with new ideas that help execute top level goals. Todos summarized and managed daily with Network Expert’s oversight.

Position Qualifications:
  1. Once higher level planning for initiatives has been completed with success outcomes expected (Provided by the senior team) Determine partners that will be involved with each campaign, and get overall interest before proceeding to next steps.

  2. Cost Modeling - Coordinate with Marketing to determine upfront commitment in dollars needed for the company to execute all related expenses for the defined successful outcomes, and where the initial budgets are coming from (Client commitments - Main Source, etc)

  3. Revenue Models - Coordinate with the marketing manager regarding network sponsor commitments/member commitments needed to achieve goals, pricing in coordination with sales, etc.,. Need to look at the history of the event (If anything historical on file) , cross compare data, and build your member list based on previous efforts and how to improve strategy to create more revenues. 

  4. Determine what locations/Events/conferences will be a part of this campaign. 

  5. Coordinate with the Marketing and  sales manager to build the sales tools needed to begin an outreach process. Metrics need to be defined 

  6. Outreach dates confirmed with marketing - (email, phone, follow up) All need to be planned with set deadlines for marketing to begin an outreach process with all templates being used for campaign communications confirmed. 

  7. Making sure responses processed by marketing, sales, etc., Funnel process through UL and relationship handled by corresponding departments. Weekly monitoring of conversion of these responses and making sure we get enough commitments in to hit all needed goals. (Within budgets set for operations to process) If a campaign is not doing as well as expected, there needs to be a determination if we continue to budget efforts into a campaign, or pause the campaign efforts until adjustments have been made, or another campaign is determined.


Asia, Europe, MENA and North America


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