Investor Relations Director

Position Description

The Visionary Investor Relations Manager will lead Visionary’s welcoming meetings with new investors and regular regroup meetings with known investors of all types (private investors/family offices, funds, institutional capital etc). The Investor Relations Manager will coordinate high volume pre-configured and customized correspondence using Visionary’s system, pertaining to meeting opportunity notifications, and Access Credit incentives including introductions amongst investors with common interests and complementary events.


Position Qualifications:

The role requires an entrepreneurial, disciplined professional with significant finance/investor relations experience and aptitude. This is an opportunity for a self-motivated and self-managing individual who ‘goes the extra mile’ and is seeking the experience, skill development, and reward of working in a fast paced, entrepreneurial environment.

Visionary’s team is decentralized worldwide, with team members situated in primary cities including: Boston, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Toronto. Presence in these locations is preferred, however applicants may apply from any location.

Immediate start date. Visionary will respond with more information about the company, and pre-interview questions. Once responses to the questions are received Visionary will coordinate an online or in person interview. An NDA is executive and the candidate is provided access to training materials and Visionary’s arranged meeting system. The candidate is invited to experience a working session with the Visionary team and to make team connections. Upon mutual desire to proceed, a consulting agreement is prepared by Visionary to formalize projects during a 1st month of collaboration. Each week a training, project delegation and review process is defined and completed. Monthly the relationship is reviewed towards a longer term engagement once full proficiency is reached and excellent, consistent performance is demonstrated.


The role begins as a part-time consulting position designed to offer a practical hiring process and training period. With increasing proficiency, over a 60-120 day familiarization period, the role expands into a full-time equivalent consulting position, and into 2022 potentially employment with benefits. The Investor Relations Manager is compensated hourly with set weekly/monthly budgets and projects, and after a familiarization period with ownership and commissions/bonuses.


New York, Boston, San Francisco, Las Vegas and Dubai


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