Marketing Manager

Position Description

Visionary is seeking a Marketing Manager, to manage constructing and team execution of Salesforce CRM and campaigns to dos. Additionally, the marketing manager will grow into a role to oversee Visionary's multi channel communications messaging, which could grow into a director role. The responsibilities for this position include the following:

Marketing Manager:

  • Highly experienced with email marketing compositions in brand voice, different styles

  • CRM Management

  • Marketing Automation

  • Managing associates executing data and email/calling campaigns

  • Social media 

  • Marketing Department Essentials 

Marketing Director:

  • Overseeing Visionary’s Brand

  • Messaging 

  • Involvement with Influencers and VIPS

  • Viral Growth Strategies


The position is remote. Immediate opportunity for someone to join as a full time equivalent consultant with Salesforce/marketing automation and project management experience/aptitude, 40+/hour consulting role with opportunities for Equity/Access Credits upside, or Part-time daily consulting to manage marketing campaigns, with the goal of phasing into 40+ hours per week involvement and designed to enable mutual finalization while taking on paid training and getting a feel for Visionary's team/active projects


Asia, Europe, MENA and North America


Please send resume along with cover letter to