Meeting Opportunity With Visionary Member Lehman Bush

Lehman Bush

Investment Advisory - Capital Introduction, Investments, Wealth Management

Visionary Member

Ernie Diaz, VP Business Development, and Jimmie Jeremejev, Managing Director of LehmanBush ( a China-based investment boutique founded by veteran China attorney Edward Lehman and Neil Bush, of the presidential Bush family.

  • Investment networking, capital introduction & advisory on the ground in East Asia.
  • Headed by Edward Lehman, the only foreigner in China with a licensed legal firm, Lehman, Lee & Xu, which is kept in house for uniquely advantageous corporate legal solutions.
  • A two-decade network of China and East Asian funds, asset managers, family offices, capital groups, and HNWIs.
  • A focus on tech investment, including digital assets.
  • Buy & Sell side mandates for alternative investments, including digital assets.

Growth stage AI/IoT/Automation companies interested in China investment and/or JV.