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Immersive Experiences, Virtual & Hybrid Events, Augmented Reality (AR)

Visionary Member

Janice Dru-Bennett, Senior Business Transformation Strategist of Nextech AR Solutions Corp. ( As the world shifts from virtual to hybrid events, we help create immersive experiences. We bring augmented reality (AR) to the masses for e-commerce, experiential learning and education, AR live streaming, DIY and white glove solutions. Speed up your digital transformations, deepen your community engagement, and build next level experiences by partnering with us. Imagine the future and turn your vision into reality with Nextech.

  • Augmented Reality crushes the “flat” experience of virtual events.
  • Create immersive “get out of your seat moments”.
  • Maximize your conference and tradeshow revenues with unique, customizable sponsorship options (past clients have increased revenue by 30% going virtual).
  • Data-driven analytics platform provides tracking of entire attendee experience, rich data, and qualified sponsor leads.
  • Think “Virtual Experience” NOT “Virtual Event”.

Event managers and leaders running events and conferences with 50+ exhibitors and 1,000+ attendees. Universities and educators who want to create immersive learning experiences. Marketers looking for 3D branding opportunities. Partners who want to offer Augmented Reality solutions to their clients.