Alex Salzman

President & CEO

Alex is a mission driven entrepreneur committed to accelerating worthy ideas and solutions by the world’s leading and emerging talent.

While earning a degree in Economics at Princeton University, Alex took a leave of absence to assist with the launch of TerraCycle, Inc., a leading producer of products derived from waste.

Shifting his focus to social networks, Alex co-founded Rethos. Dubbed “a myspace with a conscience,” Rethos provided a feed of relevant content from other individuals, nonprofits and businesses matched on social/environment issues of common concern. Rethos was acquired by TSXV listed Engagement Labs.

Alex Founded VisCap, a management consultancy firm advising entrepreneurs and providing access to trusted business relationships. VisCap efforts to scale gave rise to Visionary, a by-invitation-only arranged meeting network providing opt-in Members access to relevant meeting/event opportunities, and on-demand access to relationships sought.

Alex is committed to the role of relationship capital custodian, curating network demand. Alex opens doors into Visionary, oversees an international team, and protects Visionary stakeholders’ long term interests while realizing the monumental business plan: Alex is determined to deliver universal access to knowledge and resources sought, convicted those are the root solution to all individual, organizational, and societal challenges.