Ernest Verrett

VP Business Development & Partnerships

Ernest is an expert at helping businesses execute at their highest level of efficiency. He has been the principal of or assisted in the launch several startups, as well as a real estate company. Ernest currently provides advisory support to Visionary Access, a curated investor and business development network as well as BLD Holdings, a Florida based self-directed family office. With guidance from Ernest both BLD Holdings and Visionary have built client delivery methods that are both organically scalable and systematized for future automated.

Ernest Verrett was formerly the Director of Advertising and Enterprise Software Solutions for (RCOM), an Internet organization specializing in domain name registration. Over the course of 3 years Mr. Verrett, through the introduction of new advertising vehicles and aggressive marketing, was instrumental in building Ad Sales to over $10 Million per year while maintaining personal sales of over $3.75Million per year.

Prior to transitioning into the advertising division of Mr. Verrett was the Hosting Sales Manager for Forman Interactive, the company that would evolve into As Hosting Sales Manager, Ernest was able to maintain a cost per acquisition that was less than 25% of the industry standard. Under the management of Mr. Verrett the productivity of individual salespeople increased by an average of over 40%. While managing, hiring and training a team of 8 salespeople Ernest’s dedication to excellence helped him continue to be the highest producing salesperson within the hosting sales group.

Mr. Verrett worked as the Manager of Affiliate Relations for Channel America, a Low Power Television Network. Channel America was a leading distributor of programs to neighborhood television stations and local origination cable channels. Mr. Verrett was hired to bolster sagging distribution numbers. In less than 3 years he doubled the network’s distribution. The increased distribution was integral in raising the next $2 Million round of financing for the network.

Ernest Verrett Attended Simons Rock at Bard College.