Access Credits (AC) are transferable for Visionary’s On-Demand Access, and a curated Member Marketplace at $1/AC. Members purchase AC, at a discount in volume, and earn AC by participating in Qualified Arranged Meetings (QAM), transacting in-network, and   referring others .

Purchase AC
  • $1/AC
  • Discounted price in volume and for restructured use
  • 1st look Members notified of limited quantity ‘flash-sales’
Earn AC
  • Participating in Qualified Arranged Meetings (QAM) - allocators of capital, budgets
  • Transacting in-network
  • Referring others in-network
Transfer AC
  • On-Demand Qualified Arranged Meetings - seeking clients, investors, etc.
  • Business Development as a Service (BDaaS)
  • Investor Relations as a Service (IRaaS)
  • Relationship Capital Management
  • Visionary Approved Members Marketplace
AC Dues
  • Business transaction % commission
  • All Securities Transaction fees in strict compliance with international regulations, often independently coordinated by regional entities
Visionary's Access Credit