Business Development as a Service (BDaaS)


Visionary has engineered a system of Supported Access to the Visionary Network, with built-in advisory, that is delivering systematic, qualified access to wish-list relationships, and an efficient system to advance the pipeline to success. To understand how Visionary joins your team, and redefines the role of an intermediary with our outsourced business development solution, please consider our responses to the frequently asked questions below.

Yes, Visionary defines and targets specific wish-list profiles.

As part of initial strategy sessions, Visionary supports our clients to identify, 1) their wish-list prospects (Ex. what specific client/investor/strategic partner profile, not just generic categories), 2) strategically why this wish-list is sought, and the particular value proposition for this wish-list, and 3) how to best communicate the client’s business opportunity to specific prospects from this wish-list in the Visionary Network.

Yes, Visionary defines a strategy for secondary relationships sought, and manages the interest that arises from Visionary’s matching process.

The caliber of business relationships in the Visionary Network can bring exceptional value to a business, even if they do not immediately transact, or if they desire to work with the company in a capacity other than Visionary’s arranged meeting mandate. Visionary manages this spill over value by qualifying the agenda for a meeting, and if it is outside from the client’s primary mandate, tracking the relationship as a Secondary Priority and allowing our client to decide how they would like to proceed. Visionary often formalizes a Secondary Priority into our assignment from the outset, and uses the parallel opportunities as part of the activation strategy and pipeline ROI maximization (Ex. contact investors that could also play a strategic role to help a business grow, in addition to asking for capital).

No, Visionary contacts waves of prospects by phone and email, qualifies interest, and arranges a meeting time with agenda. Post meeting, our client confirms their desire to proceed with a prospect, confirming a Qualified Arranged Meeting.

Visionary does not just email introduce a bunch of people we know. We deliver Qualified Arranged Meetings: pre-qualified private meetings, based on our client’s sign-off post meeting. Visionary sends our client’s Visionary Member Highlights that clearly summarize the client and their agenda for what relationships they are seeking and why. After a prospect’s initial expression of interest, Visionary makes our client visible by email to share overview materials, and then further qualifies that the prospect has reviewed the Member Highlights/overview materials, and that they desire to take the meeting with a clear agenda. Visionary then uses qualification questions, developed during initial advisory sessions with our client, to understand the relevant business history of the prospect, their motivations to take the meeting and what matched agenda they have (Ex. budget and timeline for a particular service, investment goal to deploy a specific amount of capital within the near term). After a pre-qualified private meeting, supported to success, Visionary requests our client’s sign off that they would like to proceed to discuss their business opportunity, or not, with the prospect – if yes, the prospect is designated as a Qualified Arranged Meeting.

Visionary guarantees a quota of Qualified Arranged Meetings.

Depending on the nature of the business opportunity offered by our clients and the type of relationship sought, Visionary typically guarantees 8-15+ Qualified Arranged Meetings. We have modeled that this benchmark of performance focuses the partnership on an interim pipeline milestone, and delivers a strong likelihood of ROI. If none of these prospects proceed to transact during the engagement, then ROI takes the form of critical feedback from these prospects in the Visionary Network of why the business opportunity needs improvement, and longer-term relationships primed to transact if managed properly.

Yes, Qualified Arranged Meetings are part way through the process – Visionary systematically advises on next steps and provides follow up meeting and soundboard support as needed.

Visionary prequalifies prospects and takes the lead to schedule meetings. To efficiently focus time arranging additional meetings, Visionary does not generally attend arranged meetings. Post meeting Visionary debriefs with the prospect introduced acting as a soundboard to gather candid feedback that would not otherwise be quickly available to our client. During regular Progress Report Review Sessions, Visionary debriefs with our client and strategizes on next steps. During the course of the engagement, Visionary will continue to support our client with arranging follow up meetings with prospects in the pipeline, and continue to advise on next steps with each activated relationship.

Yes, Visionary’s CRM tracks all relationships and updates an online Progress Reports during regular Review Sessions.

Visionary prepares a spreadsheet summary of the Qualified Arranged Meetings, prospects ready for introduction, and those reviewing the client’s materials after expressing initial interest. This Progress Report contains contact details (typically including location, LinkedIn etc.), as well as the type of prospect (angel investor, family office, large corporation etc.), their status in the matching pipeline, the next steps notes, and archive notes. During the Progress Report Review Session and ongoing via Google Docs, both Visionary and the client can add notes to this spreadsheet that then gets archived via Visionary’s CRM.

Visionary devotes a day-to-day team to each of our client’s assignments.

Visionary’s offering is a service. Using a team structure, a CRM technology, and responsive opt-in trust network, we are able to offer all of the Supported Access and Advisory deliverables at a very competitive price point. Visionary’s team typically devotes 50+ work hours per month on any given assignment. This team consists of an Engagement Manager, Researcher and Meeting Arranger, Event Planner, and syndicate of Access Partners ready to activate their trusted relationships in the Visionary Network with a client opportunity. As desired by the client, Visionary devotes an Expert Advisory Partner to oversee an assignment, support as a broker etc.

Visionary joins your team and follows our client’s lead to close on the relationships. Visionary often provides access to a broker to layer that on top of the Supported Access.

Visionary supports conversations during the engagement by following up with prospects to soundboard next steps and arranging a next meeting, acting as a network facilitator, not a broker, and following the lead of our client to close. Prospects in the Visionary Network appreciate that while Visionary is motivated to achieve a ‘match,’ we are explicitly not acting as a broker. From the outset, or during an engagement, if our client decides that a broker is needed, Visionary will additionally arrange meetings with capital/business development brokers and then work in tandem with the broker that the client selects. The broker will be responsible and separately incentivized for advising on, and executing a process to take the lead on successfully closing a transaction. Visionary has a separate business arrangement with these capital/business development brokers, as Members in the Visionary Network seeking advisory clients.

Visionary Events serve as activation tools, meeting grounds to meet multiple matches in an ‘ice breaker’ environment, and opportunity to discover other valuable business relationships.

Visionary understands that in person interactions are key for the transfer of trust between relationships in the Visionary Network. Visionary’s regional/online events are complementary for prospective matches. Prospective matches see these events as valuable in general, and therefore they are designed as an activation for each of our clients, and a meeting ground to meet multiple potential matches during a condensed period of time, and a chance for an attendee to indicate on the Featured Member List that they would like to request a follow up meeting with a client, or to make a referral via Visionary’s Referral Exchange incentive. Clients may use the events as a tool to showcase their work and as a benefit to their own relationships. Finally, these events serve for clients to discover other best-in-class opportunities that could be valuable for as they build their businesses.

Visionary manages either an obfuscation of name process, or a Featured visibility process, as desired.

By default, Visionary obfuscates the name of our client when contacting prospects in our network with match notifications. Once a prospect has expressed interest to receive materials/arrange a meeting, we release the name of the prospect to our client and request their permission to release the company name, and make the client visible. Meanwhile, for those seeking to build their brand and receive website click-through etc. as part of their access, Visionary broadly announces to our network that a client has been approved to join the Visionary Network, and does a direct email/phone headline promotion of a client’s Meeting Opportunity, typically surrounding an event Featured Presentation. Visionary’s network is comprised of “top 0.1%” business decision makers amongst leading entrepreneurs, investors and executives in the innovation economy that are centers of influence, affluence, and opinion.

Visionary joins your team as a business development expense line item, just like travel, HR, conference fees etc.

For the above system, Visionary requires a minimum of $7500/mo for a 4 month engagement. In comparison to hiring an Associate/VP to your business development team, Visionary has priced our offering as more reasonable and with significantly more deliverables, designed for higher ROI. Visionary is able to credit access as per above if a reasonable ROI goal (mutually determined during our advisory sessions) is not obtained. If an ROI goal is obtained, Visionary’s long-term partnership focused upside is to grow with our client over a continuous engagement to work on the same wish-list assignment, or switch to a new wish-list relationship access assignment. Visionary indicates to prospective matches in our network that we are both a network facilitator, and an ongoing driver of value to our client’s business. They appreciate that our interests are aligned, should they transact with our client – we are part of the team driving performance ongoing, not a deadweight intermediary. Any commission or success fees are separately coordinated by a Visionary Advisory Partner broker, if they are additionally involved, as per above.