Meeting Opportunity With Visionary Member InOrbis


Transportation, Technology

Visionary Member

Rosario Fortugno, Founder and CEO of InOrbis ( A transportation network company that offers inter-city and inner-city travel using owner-operated Tesla vehicles.

  • InOrbis focuses on providing safe and luxurious travel to working professionals who want to maximize their productivity. Bottom line: The service provides eco-friendly and precise booking flexibility for travel that is less expensive than flying and more convenient than driving.
  • InOrbis connects drivers, owners and riders by providing the logistics management, training, booking and payment platform. The company offers flexible scheduling to drivers and delivers unmatched convenience to riders with onboard Wi-Fi.
  • The team has expertise in electric vehicles, autonomous vehicles, energy, finance and software development.
  • Differentiator: InOrbis has built, maintained and refined its technological and logistical infrastructure over the past five years. This infrastructure serves as its competitive advantage, and has enabled the company to compete with industry giants such as Westjet and Uber on both convenience and cost.
  • The company is currently developing proprietary onboarding technology that will solidify scalability and expand its reach to wealthy customers.
  • The market size is $800M in Alberta, $7.3Bn in North America.
  • InOrbis has provided 1500 inter-city trips, saved 136K kg of CO2, and recaptured countless billable hours for riders.

$5.2 Million in Equity capital to complete the logistics and EV management platform and scale to 100 city pairs by 2022.