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Sales Consulting, Management Consulting, LinkedIn Sales Strategy

Visionary Member

Jake Dunlap, CEO of Skaled ( Skaled is a B2B sales consultancy focused on helping organizations and the people that work there reach their full potential.

  • Outbound/Inbound Analysis, Planning & Optimization: We help organizations’ strengthen their Go-To-Market strategies and identify areas of opportunity to better align their people, processes, and technology stack.
  • Buyer Experience and Sales Process Optimization: We gather and provide insights into your buyer’s preferred journey and build internal alignment across processes with a focus on creating a better buyer experience and a smooth path to purchase
  • Organizational Alignment: We help organizations build or realign their people infrastructure to achieve growth goals
  • Interim Leadership & Sales Support: Our staff of senior consultants join your team as Interim VP/Director of Sales and we provide hiring support for these roles + Sales Development, Account Management and Sales Operations.
  • Sales Content Strategy and Creation: We help develop the assets your Sales team will need to effectively execute all facets of your GTM strategy.
  • Sales Operations Excellence: We ensure you stay ahead of the technology curve to maintain the right stack for your business and ensure a more efficient sale, higher performing team, and satisfied buyer
  • Digital Presence: LinkedIn is a big part of building a modern outbound and inbound strategy. We help organizations compete in a digital-first world by deploying an intentional and connected content strategy to connect you to a network of potential business.
  • Digital Presence services include Strategic Planning and Optimization, Content Development, Content Delivery and Activation, and Audience Development and Engagement.

Startup organizations (Series B) and mid-market companies in high-growth mode looking for strategic leadership. Enterprise companies who are behind and in need of updating their old processes and strategies to be brought into the digital age for the modern buyer.