Meeting Opportunity With Visionary Member xCures


Healthtech, Artificial Intelligence, Oncology

Visionary Member

Mika Newton, CEO of xCures ( AI-enabled, precision medicine platform and learning network for oncology.

  • xCures AI algorithms ensures that the platform is constantly learning to ensure the best possible outcome for every patients – This is the experience that all advanced cancer patients want based on experience with 10,000+ patients over the last decade.
  • xCures sells services to power Managed Access Programs for the pharmaceutical industry to collect real world data on the 95% of patients who are unable to participate in traditional trials.
    • “Cracked the code” for the business of integrating clinical research and care.
    • Signed contracts with >$17.5M contract value. Robust pipeline powers forecast through 2022.
    • On track to $1M revenue in 2020 and forecast to grow to $15M by 2022.
  • xCures provides case management services for advanced cancer patients to enable payors to optimize the cost and consistency of care. The platform enables patient-specific pay-for-performance contracting.
    • Pilot programs initiated with top 2 US Payors.
    • Imperative to address cancer as it is a top 3 medical cost driver.
  • xCures empowers cancer advocacy organizations and healthcare providers with a rapid learning system that integrates them into a Virtual Cancer Center ensuring optimal care and knowledge sharing.
    • Leading network of for-profit Cancer Centers interested in white label offering - $1B addressable market.
    • Research partnerships with leading institutions in Pediatric, brain, pancreatic and ovarian cancer – Top KOLs.
  • Exceptional leadership team and advisors with experience across, oncology, healthcare, pharmaceutical R&D, drug commercialization, Artificial Intelligence, technology and data science.
  • xCures is an ultra-efficient always-on platform providing a siteless study that learns from all the patients on all the treatments all the time.
  • The platform is exceedingly inclusive and flexible accommodating both new and existing therapies in a continuously adaptive Bayesian pragmatic trial that extends to all settings.

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